Thursday, 24 November 2016

Healthy recipe for Spicy fruit salad

You can change your normal fruit chaat with spicy Indian Taste and style.If you applied Indian spices for providing fruit salad with spicy look it will be change flavorful.

½ pineapple
1 pear 
1 tablespoon oil 
1 apple

For Salad dressing 
1 cup peanuts
1-tablespoon brown sugar  
4 red chili
1 tsp slice ginger  

Process for Salad Making

Put peanuts, red chili, oil, water, sugar in a blender and mix the mixture for preparing the salad dressing.

Cut pineapple, apple, pear into pieces.

Fill the fruits pieces into the dressing and mix up salt in it. 

Set out marinated fruits on the bowl. 

Spit lemon juice over it. 

For garnishing, cut the cucumber into pieces, cut the lettuce leaves and onion spit lemon juice over it,

Put the cucumber pieces and lettuce leaves on a plate.

Decorate this with onions and serve. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Laptop Overheating problem and Solution

Symptoms for Laptop Overheating

When your laptop continue beeping, freezing and automatically restarts during your work. If you restart once more your laptop, but the same thing happening  very soon in a few minutes.

If the fan sink is blocked while you are using laptop by putting on a soft surface or in a dusty place, it will be overheat, .you must to leave you laptop for calm down. If you believe the heat sink /fan, performance is going down due to dust get a air compressor and clean it.

Your laptop fan malfunctioning is also a big reason of overheating. If the fan is entirely jammed instantly an error message show on your laptop screen after starting. In some cases, the fan’s fins typically jam or wrecked and unable to move necessary air to cool the laptop.

Moreover, you must make an effort for cleaning the fan/ heat sink by using air compressor. If your laptop still overheating while you are working on it. You must take it to your nearest laptop re pairing shop.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

IELTS Listening Sample with tips

 if somebody or a student is preparing a plan for doing job or learning in any country  where main contact language is English IELTS is  best for those persons. Your English language listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills can be judge by IELTS tests.

There are four branches in IELTS Listening section, which required 40 minutes. You will use 30 minutes in listening to four audio clips. May be a speech or a conversation include in those clips. You will give only 10 minutes for answer the questions. It will depend upon you how should you use the fixed time intelligently for understand the questions.

You will get a good idea about the test and find out the ways for success in Listening section by practicing the multiple IELTS samples. Just as the real tests these sample have the same prototype, .you will recognize the different methods and their application to guess the right answers by the help of it.
May be speaker feel disquiet on any word while conversation or may take some break before stating a word. These are some signal presently available to help in discover the exact answer.

ielts listening score

You may be getting some ideas regarding different types of questions that should be asked in the listening part by taking part in IELTS sample test. It has filled in the blanks or short-answer questions. Students might get some best ideas for working with an example, which is giving hints about test day expectation.

 You can enhance your speed by practicing through model test.
The test environment is parallel to daily life facts, which is provided by IELTS. If you have good capability to understanding many accents of English Language the Listening module check it.

 If you are student and prepared for pursue the directions of your teacher or you are an employee obey the your boss given rules IELTS tests it.

Make a habit of listening news, speeches in English, make discussion with friends in English, and try to understand what you heard. 

Pay attention while reading the questions when you appear in IELTS test. note down your requirements, some answers may be link within the questions. So, chill out and take your test with confidence.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

TOEFL vs. IELTS Which is the better?

This is possible for you to pass an English proficiency exam if you belong to a non-English speaking country and want to get admission in English Country. (TOEFL) Test of English as a Foreign Language and the  (IELTS) International English Language Testing Service are the most popular exams.2 unusual companies managed these exams.  Which is the excellent test? Here will I tell you.

The IELTS Test

British Council, IDP Education Australia and University of Cambridge are control this test jointly. Possibly the IELTS is a big choice for those students who known British English very well. Because this test base on British English. General Training exam or Academic exam depends upon you. if you are looking for university education the Academic exam is the best choice. or someone setting up to get visa for English countries General Training exam is suitable for them.

The fees is nearly US$205 and carry out in every month but accurate cost is depend on your local currency. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking are the parts of IELTS.The test scores are from 0-9 and the timing is 2.45 

The TOEFL Test

A U.S. Base NGO ETS(Educational Testing Service) is managed the TOEFL test. So U.S. English influence in this test. From where you get the test there is two choice is available  the Internet or via paper.TOEFL iBT is dedicated for Internet-based and globally above 8,500 associations welcome to this test.

 Annually 50 times the TOEFL test can be taken by students. as several times as they wish for. each 12 days you are permitted to get appear it but only once.From 160 to 250 US Dollar is the fees for TOEFL but remember it is depending upon from where you  are taking this test. 

every student having what type of reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills The TOEFL measured it. The TOEFL scores have range from 0-120 points and the timing is 4.30 hr.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

What is the meaning of IELTS

The world’s most reliable test for evaluating  skill of English language is commonly known as IELTS (International English language Testing System) which is carry out in most part of the world it is  the permit acknowledged for job, learning and immigration purpose. A study shows annually several applicants come out during the test.

Why a large number of students deciding to take the IELTS, This question still stands on its place. Let me clear this point among many English capability testing exams choosing the IELTS is depend upon several bases.

Why I select IELTS?

IELTS acknowledgment:

More then 9000 organizations globally connect and accept IELTS. Only in USA nearly 3000 organizations picky with IELTS. Those Countries where English is most important speaking language accepted IELTS.

IELTS inexpensive to entrance:

If we judge to every or any special English proficiency tests with IELTS it is really cost-effective. This test take no over burden in the candidate pocket If we see at IELTS it is intentionally introduced by keeping in mind that specific factor for this test is providing a better learning service to the people. That’s  why the  IELTS take a look at over That’s the reason IELTS take a look at has over  hundred and forty countries this is accessible for everybody.

IELTS VS others English skills Tests:

If we judge IELTS against others professional English tests no doubt it is higher depend on following reasons. British council arranged IELTS with Cambridge an extremely general outline can a look at this test. This is a clear-cut access in everybody. Including all quality which might be set off in different English proficiency certificates.

Globally many educational organizations nearly 9000 acknowledged IELTS among different English tests

When we calculate the cost of this test with other English tests IELTS is the most economical in nature.

When compare IELTS with other tests its preparation material is easily accessible in printed form and in video lectures.

 IELTS has unique result declaration system which is different from other tests. The result announces really in the given time period, the result can be check at IELTS web site.