Thursday, 24 November 2016

Healthy recipe for Spicy fruit salad

You can change your normal fruit chaat with spicy Indian Taste and style.If you applied Indian spices for providing fruit salad with spicy look it will be change flavorful.

½ pineapple
1 pear 
1 tablespoon oil 
1 apple

For Salad dressing 
1 cup peanuts
1-tablespoon brown sugar  
4 red chili
1 tsp slice ginger  

Process for Salad Making

Put peanuts, red chili, oil, water, sugar in a blender and mix the mixture for preparing the salad dressing.

Cut pineapple, apple, pear into pieces.

Fill the fruits pieces into the dressing and mix up salt in it. 

Set out marinated fruits on the bowl. 

Spit lemon juice over it. 

For garnishing, cut the cucumber into pieces, cut the lettuce leaves and onion spit lemon juice over it,

Put the cucumber pieces and lettuce leaves on a plate.

Decorate this with onions and serve. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Laptop Overheating problem and Solution

Symptoms for Laptop Overheating

When your laptop continue beeping, freezing and automatically restarts during your work. If you restart once more your laptop, but the same thing happening  very soon in a few minutes.

If the fan sink is blocked while you are using laptop by putting on a soft surface or in a dusty place, it will be overheat, .you must to leave you laptop for calm down. If you believe the heat sink /fan, performance is going down due to dust get a air compressor and clean it.

Your laptop fan malfunctioning is also a big reason of overheating. If the fan is entirely jammed instantly an error message show on your laptop screen after starting. In some cases, the fan’s fins typically jam or wrecked and unable to move necessary air to cool the laptop.

Moreover, you must make an effort for cleaning the fan/ heat sink by using air compressor. If your laptop still overheating while you are working on it. You must take it to your nearest laptop re pairing shop.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

IELTS Listening Sample with tips

 if somebody or a student is preparing a plan for doing job or learning in any country  where main contact language is English IELTS is  best for those persons. Your English language listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills can be judge by IELTS tests.

There are four branches in IELTS Listening section, which required 40 minutes. You will use 30 minutes in listening to four audio clips. May be a speech or a conversation include in those clips. You will give only 10 minutes for answer the questions. It will depend upon you how should you use the fixed time intelligently for understand the questions.

You will get a good idea about the test and find out the ways for success in Listening section by practicing the multiple IELTS samples. Just as the real tests these sample have the same prototype, .you will recognize the different methods and their application to guess the right answers by the help of it.
May be speaker feel disquiet on any word while conversation or may take some break before stating a word. These are some signal presently available to help in discover the exact answer.

ielts listening score

You may be getting some ideas regarding different types of questions that should be asked in the listening part by taking part in IELTS sample test. It has filled in the blanks or short-answer questions. Students might get some best ideas for working with an example, which is giving hints about test day expectation.

 You can enhance your speed by practicing through model test.
The test environment is parallel to daily life facts, which is provided by IELTS. If you have good capability to understanding many accents of English Language the Listening module check it.

 If you are student and prepared for pursue the directions of your teacher or you are an employee obey the your boss given rules IELTS tests it.

Make a habit of listening news, speeches in English, make discussion with friends in English, and try to understand what you heard. 

Pay attention while reading the questions when you appear in IELTS test. note down your requirements, some answers may be link within the questions. So, chill out and take your test with confidence.