Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Laptop Overheating problem and Solution

Symptoms for Laptop Overheating

When your laptop continue beeping, freezing and automatically restarts during your work. If you restart once more your laptop, but the same thing happening  very soon in a few minutes.

If the fan sink is blocked while you are using laptop by putting on a soft surface or in a dusty place, it will be overheat, .you must to leave you laptop for calm down. If you believe the heat sink /fan, performance is going down due to dust get a air compressor and clean it.

Your laptop fan malfunctioning is also a big reason of overheating. If the fan is entirely jammed instantly an error message show on your laptop screen after starting. In some cases, the fan’s fins typically jam or wrecked and unable to move necessary air to cool the laptop.

Moreover, you must make an effort for cleaning the fan/ heat sink by using air compressor. If your laptop still overheating while you are working on it. You must take it to your nearest laptop re pairing shop.

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